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Stickers for wall and furniture

We will print your favourite motifs now as stickers!

Stickers are a hit of the season! Decorate your interior with a beautiful self-adhesive poster or a sticker wallpaper and happily paste it from place to place. Applying the sticker does not take more than 5 minutes. Choose from our wide range of motifs the right one for your room.

What can you choose from?

  • Self-adhesive posters on the wall
  • Self-adhesive wallpapers on the wall
  • Furniture stickers
  • Door stickers

Self-adhesive wallpapers

How to apply the self-adhesive wallpaper?

Take a look at our video and see for yourself!

The application is easy, even kids can do it themselves! You don’t need a hammer nor nails and neither adhesive. Unlike vlies wallpaper, where you need an adhesive , the wall sticker is held up on the wall by itself thanks to acrylate adhesive. And not only on walls, you can stick it on drywall and even windows or doors. Let’s say that a bubble gets under the wallpaper, that can happen. It doesn’t matter though, you can unstick it, smooth the bubbles out and stick it again.

Self-adhesive posters

Why should you ger a wall sticker?

Are you considering decorating your wall but don’t know how and where to hammer in the nails? What if you hit the electricity? And what if you’ll stop liking the motive after a month? With our wall murals, you can put all your doubts behind! Get our wall stickers in any size you want and get the best decoration for you!

Use the wall sticker to hide any imperfections!

And what about that one hole in the wall that has been staring at you for 2 months? You can keep filler and colour in the basement, just plaster the mural over it. Thanks to a resistant adhesive, the wall sticker can be moved several times and still sticks like the first time. And after you peel it off, the wall stays in the same condition, the wall mural doesn’t damage the paint.

Furniture stickers

New: Stickers on your favourite pieces of furniture!

Choose from our wonderful square motifs designed directly for the coffee table or browse our beautiful illustrations, photos or other motifs and simply cut them into the desired shape with scissors. Stickers are the perfect way how to turn the old into a new and unobtrusive piece for your interior.

Available sizes:
55 x 55 cm
60 x 60 cm
80 x 80 cm

Door stickers

Have you ever considered adding a modern twist to your door? Decorate them with an original self-adhesive poster designed right for the door! Choose the right one for your interior from our movie or minimalist motifs. We offer door stickers in a universal size of 64x80 cm which fit to all of them. Simply stick it on and peel off as needed. Proven for you!


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