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Oscar 2020

13. 02. 2020

The biggest film holiday took place on the night of February the 10th – the prestigious Oscar Awards were handed out. The Film Academy Award has been given since 1927 and is the holy grail of all filmmakers.

The comics and popular films are not doing well at the Oscars. If they are lucky, they have nominations for special effects or music. The only exception was a Black Panther, which was nominated for Best Film last year. But it is rumored that this movie was nominated only to attract younger audiences to the screens, who are not interested in more complicated films.

Another exception was the 2008 Dark Knight, for which deservedly won Heath Ledger  (in memorial ) for his role of Joker.

And the Joker was an exception this year as well!  He had up to 11 nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor in Lead. It was clear to us that Joaquin Phoenix had an Oscar in his pocket already when we left the cinema. Joker finally managed to turn the fourth nomination into victory.

But Joker also  won the best music thanks to Icelandic composer Hildur Guðnadóttir. She is the first woman to win and beat John Williams, the creator of the best movie soundtracks like Star Wars, in this category.

The next actor we wished the Oscar for is Brad Pitt. Though he has been awarded an Oscar as the producer of the film for Twelve Years a Slave, this was the first  win for Brad as an actor. In his speech he thanked, among other things, the stuntmen, who has been ignored by the Academy for years. Once upon a time in Hollywood also received an Oscar for the Best Production Design. In this category was nominated movie Jojo Rabbit, but it was not enough for the Oscar. But Jojo Rabbit won the Best Adapted Screenplay, taken home by director of Thor: Ragnarok -Taika Waititi.

This year, the Netflix service, which gradually began to create its own series and films, also flourished, with each project becoming a competitor of the large studios. Our favorite Black Widow Scarlett Johansson did not win for the Marriage History, but Laura Dern (for us Dr. Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park) did win the Oscar.

Unexpectedly, South Korean Parasite became the Best Picture. The Americans have finally learned to read the subtitles and hopefully we will see more nominations for foreign language films in the future.

So how did Star Wars and Avengers do? Star Wars had 3 nominations, but  turned into an Oscar them. And the Avengers, for the creators it has to be enough that it is the most earning movie of all time, and that  they have fans who, unlike the academy, know that Endgame was a great movie.




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