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5 interesting facts about Dune

23. 01. 2024

Welcome to the world of Dune, a fascinating sci-fi universe that will soon lead us back to the endless sands of Arrakis. With the upcoming release of the second part of this epic adventure, it’s time to recall a few interesting facts. Did you know, for example, that a board game related to Dune was released in the 70s? Today, from Europosters, we bring you 5 interesting facts about Dune that will pique your interest for the upcoming continuation set to release at the end of February.

1) The film is based on Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel by the same name. The film came out in 1965 and Denis Villeneuve’s film is only a part of it.

2) The film took a whopping 165 million dollars to produce and three and a half years to make.

3) It was Denis Villeneuve’s long-due dream to make Dune. He was 14 when he first read the novel and aspired to make a film.

4) In 1979, a Dune board game was released

5) Dune’s official world premiere at the Venice Film Festival received it a staggering seven-minute standing ovation.


Tune in with us for the second part!


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