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What makes a good game

19. 06. 2017

What makes a game worth playing. Here we’re going to discuss the reasons why games, makes us true gamers. The market is becoming bigger and bigger which means that more and more games will be open towards the public. If you are a fan of gaming or if you are planning to become a game developer then maybe this is an article worth reading.

The story

A story is worth being played if it has a good storyline. The player has to place himself in the position of the character and learn, feel and develop the way he/she does. For example, The Last of Us had a beautiful story of a father-daughter relationship. We felt the loss of the father from the beginning and we understood him, that is why in the end we went with his decision, even if we knew it was bad for the collective. No spoiler … no worries.

The Gameplay

On the other hand, we have games that have unlimited playable potential. Games like Titanfall, Battlefield, Mass Effect and much more have given us a unique environment in which we can test our skills as players against AI’s and against other players. Unique weapons, characters, ranking systems make us feel more competitive and makes us want to become the best at a game. Put in a good story and you have a game of the year.

The Characters

If they are relatable, fun and interesting then you have good characters. The player wants to dive into the story, but he also needs a good character in order to do so. Players usually spend incredible amounts of time in order to customize characters in RPG’s like Skyrim in order to feel like they are inside the game. Good characters like Ezio from Assassin’s Creed or Batman from the Arkham series are hard to obtain, but once you do so, things will be easier.

The Brand

Ahh the wonders of capitalism. Well I would be a hypocrite if I would say that I didn’t buy a Star Wars game or a Warcraft game just because they had the names in it. This can go both ways. Since the brand is strong, there are high standards and great investments in the games, so we can expect a good quality game. On the other hand, rushed deadlines and standardization could be disastrous for a game series. For example, we can look at what happened to Assassin’s Creed Unity.

There are a lot of things that make a game good and it’s similar to creating a piece of art. The process is hard, but once it is finished many people will look at it for ages and say that they know it and that they lived it.

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