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TOP 5 Avatar fun facts

06. 12. 2022

Everyone certainly at least heard of the Avatar film by James Cameron. However, only few know all the fun facts related to this film. And there we, UKPosters, come with TOP 5 fun facts of the Avatar film. The perfect time for Avatar 2 is coming soon!

1.) Avatars have too many fingers

The Na’vi race would probably not be able to count all the fun facts we state here, because their number of fingers differs a bit from the usual human number of fingers (at least among us here in the office). People usually have 5 fingers on each hand, the same as monkeys. But you can easily notice that Na’vi are different. They can only count to four on each hand. And thanks to their number of fingers, we can easily find out who drew the war paint on Neytiri. She had a palm print on her body resembling Saruman’s white hand mark.

2.) The cause of war might not be so unreal

The very purpose of Avatars and the cause of war between Na’vi and the humankind is an Unobtainium. The valuable mineral located on the planet Pandora. In our world, Unobtainium is just a made up name for a completely perfect material denying all the laws of physics at the moment. Unfortunately, it does not exist yet, even though it already has its own atomic symbol: Uo. However, who knows when and where will someone make a scientific breakthrough, right?

3.) Avatar is still the most profitable film in the history of cinematography

Although, Avatar came out in 2009 already it still is the no. 1 profitable film in history. It is very fascinating regarding the fact that it wasn’t beaten by the blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame or Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Both of them went pretty close to the Avatar film, nevertheless, none of them had the strength nor a fanbase big enough to beat it.

4.) Na’vi people have very specific style of archery

The director James Cameron decided that when Na’vi have 4 fingers, they certainly must use their bows differently. Generally, the palm ought to be facing towards the archer, but Na’vi draw their bowstring in the opposite direction (away from the archer). Cameron was even able to prove his new way of archering as functioning. The professionals tried to talk him out of it, however he drew the bow the Na’vi way and hit a bush 75m far away. For sure, Cameron practiced but he later admitted that he was quite lucky with the shot.

5.) Familiar sounds

The most of the sounds emitted by fauna and flora in the Avatar film are from the Jurassic Park production. The majority of the sounds were recycled and edited to accurately match the extraterrestrial environment film. Anyway, some of the sounds were used in their original form for the hybrid beasts roar. These sounds are originally from the hyaenas in their natural habitat.


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