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Get ready for Halloween!

22. 10. 2019

You need to prepare well for Halloween – carve pumpkins out, buy artificial spiderwebs and its inhabitants (because the real ones are hidden somewhere already), skeletons and zombies, and decorate your house so that every neighbor will envy you. Unless they immediately get a heart attack after seeing your decorations and don’t celebrate this holiday in the hospital. That ̍ more or less how the Eve of all saints works on us in American movies and series. But nothing has to be exaggerated, so we have prepared this Halloween guide for you. Prepare your pumpkins and sharp your knives, Halloween inspiration is coming!



If you and knives are no strangers, try to be little more original this year!



Surely you know that one of the Halloween’s traditions is carving out of pumpkins into which candles are placed. This lantern, once worn by trick-or-treating children, is supposed to represent an Irish man called Jack who, according to the  legend, was once so drunk at Halloween night  that his soul slowly began to leave his body. The Devil himself noticed that and so  he decided to take Jack straight to Hell with him. Jack didn’t want to go there, of course,  and even in his drunkenness he managed to outwit the Devil. And he did it three times in the row! In the end, Jack actually avoided going to Hell, even after he was dead. The devil had promised him at their last contact that he would never take him  there and told Jack to come back to where he came from. The Devil gave him hot coals to shine on his way. So Jack created a pumpkin lantern, put the coals in it, and since that time he wanders the world and searches for the place of his origin. Since then, people have carved pumpkins to shine his way. The night from October 31st to November 1st is magical and our world of the living blends with the world of the dead. Elsewhere it is said that pumpkin lanterns are intended to represent our beloved dead, who are returning to us for a little while on  this magical night.



Get yout guests into the Halloween mood already at the entrance of your apartment




Carving pumpkins is a tradition, but if you do not have a garden or balcony, where you can place the lantern, we recommend to solve the Halloween decoration differently. It is quite possible that instead of the souls of your loved ones you will be visited by some insects. And not just on that magical night! Also, let ̍s face the truth, working with a sharp knife and a hard pumpkin is not for everyone. (But when you get into it, the rule is – the bigger the pumpkin, the easier it is to cut it!) Try to treat this Halloween a little unconventionally and get more durable decorations.


Carved pumpinks are not scary anymore. Try something else this year!



Another, little more modern tradition on Halloween is watching horror movies. Why not decorate your home with them? If you like scaring your friends, we recommend getting Pennywise, the Clown to help. Decorate your apartment with red balloons and if you want to have the best party around, serve drinks from 3D mugs with It. If Pennywise is too much for you, Joker can underline the right Halloween atmosphere as well. And now he’s really up-to-date! Don’t forget to welcome your guests with a super Halloween door mat! You can also get inspired by TV series such as The Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful or video games. We definitely recommend Resident Evil! If you can’t afford the scary decoration, because you have little people at home, reach for posters of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas or the cute Vampirina!





If you’re not expecting crowds of strange children asking for carols at your home, try making your children happy with something more durable than chocolate this year. Mugs, badges or keychains will definitely please them! If you want to torment them a little bit with school, give them super notebooks or stationery with Jack!

Get inspired in our collection of Halloween gifts and choose the right one for your loved ones. Or for yourself, we won’t tell anyone! 😊




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