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Best gift ideas for children

02. 12. 2019

Children usually make a list of things they want before every Christmas or birthday. However, there are some that are a little more quiet, modest or indecisive, and therefore you just don’t have any idea what to give them. But there are more important things in life than gifts, so you shouldn’t be so stressed about it. To help you at least a bit, we have prepared several ideas how to please these greatest treasures of yours. 👇🏼



For the Little Ones (0-5 years)

  1. Cute room decorations: Help them create their own world. You know them best if they like Hallo Kitty, My Little Pony, Peppa Pig, or animals in general. After you think it through, it’s easy – choose a nice wallpaper, poster or picture for them. And for your small artists we even have this colouring wallpaper. At least for the first time you won’t be raging when they paint the walls 😅.
  2. Mugs & Cups: Let them also celebrate that they no longer have to drink from a bottle. Buy them a nice mug, for example this with Mickey Mouse, thanks to which they could develop the habit of drinking enough liquids from an early age. And this Harry Potter egg holder could also be a good idea. 🥚⚡️
  3. Something small: Have you ever heard the phrase “enjoy the little things”? For these little people this is 100 percent accurate! Even more, when it’s connected to their favourite fairy tale character. Surprise them with stickers, scrapbooks, markers or badges that can add a little touch to their already quite creative artworks. Or with this Despicable Me bracelet, which they will for sure want to show to all friends in a kindergarten.





For Kids (6-12 years)

  1. FROZEN: Probably every child at this age wants to see Frozen 2. Therefore, you could wrap a DVD or movie ticket in a gift. But if you want to do something extra, don’t hesitate to add some of our Frozen products. You’ll find everything: posters, mugs, notebooks, pens, badges… but I don’t think that even Elsa could freeze a hot and happy heart like that of your kids when you show them such a gift ❄️
  2. Cool & Fun bedroom accessories: Make them a nice bedroom so they feel good when they bring home some friends over after school. If you want to subconsciously educate them, or if they have a burning desire to understand the world around them, buy them one of our educational posters. This one with the map of Europe, for example, is very popular.
  3. Something for school: We all know this – as soon as we give children something new, they take care of it for a while, but after a week it’s already broken or forgotten. But if you give them a bag, a bottle, a notebook, or some pens that they would really love, you could change that! You will see how they would learn to always keep an eye on it. Plus, for children who have problems with attention in school, a nice notebook could be an extra motivation to write down things from the board. 😊
  4. Bowls & mugs: Most children don’t want to eat or drink much. Especially when it comes to healthy things like broccoli and spinach. Buy them a bowl or a cup with some of their favorite heroes. Our tip: Spiderman dining set with two plates, a bowl and a mug 🕸🕷.
  5. Something small: Even at this age, children enjoy little things like badges, stickers, or keychains. Give them one of these lovely Harry Potter Chibi keychains and don’t worry, they aren’t Dudley Dursley – they will appreciate it 🙃.
  6. The wand from Fantastic Beasts: Nowadays, kids need to be encouraged to play as much offline as possible. Even better if they have to also invent the game by themselves. With a wizard wand like this, they will certainly spend all days outside, you will see.





For Teenagers (13-19 years)

  1. Posters: Do you know which artist they like the most? What movie / TV series? Or what place does they dream of? Buy them a poster! They can hang it on a bedroom wall, a door, or even a locker at school.
  2. To-go cups & bottles: Even though it’s not the latest trend anymore, it is still very popular. Whether you want them to be more environmentally friendly and therefore not always buy new water bottles, or they often forget to drink enough water and a new bottle could motivate them – this would be the perfect gift. And there is never enough mugs in the house 😉. Our tips: for gamer a playstation mug, or for Marvel fans a Marvel mug.
  3. Canvas bags & backpacks: Again something, they will have a use of, and at a same time something that would make them happy. Backpacks and shoulder bags are a great idea for all students.
  4. Notebooks: They tend to disappear almost faster than chocolate! If they have bad grades and you would like to encourage them to take more notes, a cool new notebook is the right way to go. 🙃 But even if they just love making beautiful notes. The best thing about this gift is that you can always think of 10 other ways to use it. Our tip: Stranger things notebook.
  5. Scratch Maps: Support their dreams! Do they like to travel? Would they like to travel the world? Buy them a scratch map. It looks really nice on the wall and the scraping is quite satisfying.





However, whatever you pick, children need love the most.

Spend some quality time together!🖤


We hope this was at least a little bit helpful and wish you all the luck with the gift-picking!




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