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Traditional style: For admirers of the classical Art

25. 03. 2020

There is no better program for you than to go to a gallery in your free time. You already know the Louvre in Paris or Museé D´Orsay better than anything, because the art of “time-tested” masters keeps fascinating you. Does it sound like you? Then this special collection of Traditional art will fit into your interior even if you are not living in a castle or a historic hotel …




Invite the old masters to your home

When you say “time-tested art”, everyone will immediately imagine  Italian Renaissance masters, definitely the most famous of them all –  Leonardo Da Vinci. How not, Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris is one of the most visited paintings of all time! But if you do not want to  squeeze yourself  with lot of tourists in the gallery, you can admire the beauty of this mysterious lady at home. She will suit the most your office where she will inspire you with her secret smile. Among the classics, however, we also include newer works – the most popular include authors from the early 19th or 20th century. A fan of impressionism  would  go  at least for one painting by Claude Monet or the immortal Van Gogh. We will never stop to admire their works. If you are a fan of Impressionism, visit our collection of Impressionist painters!



Castle living

Not everyone can afford to buy a castle, but creating a castle interior is not that difficult. Of course if you just don’t live in a very new building. 😊 If you are lucky that your apartment has high ceilings and large windows (ideally a beautiful stucco ceiling), you can get close to your castle dream. You will need wall murals or skilled plasterer. It is up to you whether you choose Empire stripes, gold decoration or floral designs! As in the castle, you can decorate your walls with portraits of noblemen or floral still lifes. Beautiful paintings, which can be found in many world galleries, can be found for example in the work of  masters of neo-classicism.




Art Noveau

One of the most beautiful styles ever painted is Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau was inspired mainly by natural motives and beauty of women. At that time, for the first time, the production of applied arts began – furniture, decorations, vases, and even promotional items. One of the greatest symbols of Art Nouveau is the Czech painter Alfons Mucha, who worked in Paris. Among his best-known commercials are beautiful posters for Sarah Bernhard. But when we mention the most popular painters from the Art Nouveau period, the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt will probably be number one forever. Few gold-plated female portraits can withstand! These two painters also look great in modern interiors, so if you do not have the time, taste and money to make big changes in the interior, we definitely recommend these two painters!





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Since 1999, Europosters has been one of the top sellers of posters, wall murals and wall art. Currently, we cooperate with artists, photographers and graphic designers from all Europe. In our offer, you can find the most beautiful and well-known paintings as well as brand new artwork of contemporary artists. We are also happy to print out your own photos and if you wish, we will frame them in high quality. We truly love interior design however, we do notneglect geeks and music fans either! We are constantly expanding our offer of posters, mugs, T-shirts, collectible figurines and other licensed merchandise products and gifts.



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