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TOP 5 movie villains

02. 03. 2021


A great hero is made by a great villain, and this is doubly true in our rankings. So we have chosen for you the most powerful, most legendary and, in our opinion, the most interesting villains who often managed to overshadow their heroic opponents and without whom their world would be much poorer and a lot more boring.



5. Sauron


A big eye, without a lid, shrouded in flames, the one that never sleeps. This is how the Dark Lord Sauron is described. A necromancer who has subdued almost all of Middle-earth and who has often flooded elves, dwarves, and humans more than once. His terrible power lies mainly in how easily he can corrupt even the most powerful and honest beings who have ever walked Arda. The proof of his terrible power and treachery is not only the Rings of Power with which he created the ring ghosts, but also how easily he managed, through delusions and intrigue, to destroy Númenor – once the most powerful human kingdom in the second age of Middle-earth.


4. Darth Vader


Darth Vader came in fourth. Who doesn’t know this legendary villain whose distinguishing feature is his mask and wheezing which terrified the inhabitants of all galaxies throughout the Star Wars universe. But the most interesting thing about Darth Vader is not his force, which strangles his enemies, not the red lightsaber he uses to slice rebels, but his personal story. How the Jedi Knight became one of the most feared Sith of all time, and how, at the end of his life, he rejoined the bright side of force. And it is this character development that makes Vader one of the most interesting characters in all of Star Wars.


3. Dolores Umbridge

All right, admit it. Like us, you hated this woman in Harry Potter more than Voldemort. Personally speaking, we do not know anyone who would not be irritated by her psychopathic behaviour combined with cute kittens. And we would rather not even mention the torture of students. However, the scariest thing about this whole character is her motivation, which is to best serve the Ministry of Magic. Thanks to this belief, she does not hesitate to use any methods to achieve her goal. And that’s why Dolores is a wonderful example of how thin is the line between good and evil, and how dangerous her headless fanaticism can be.


2. Thanos


Thanos, the destroyer of the planets and the man who destroyed half the universe. We put him in second place in our ranking not only because of his tremendous strength, thanks to which he individually defeated each of the Avengers, but mainly due to his goals and motivation. Thanos is not a classic villain who pursues his benefit or a fanatical goal of the organisation. His only desire that drives him forward is to save the universe and all its inhabitants from suffering and death as a result of “overpopulation”. And thanks to thismotivation, many viewers were able to sympathise with him and find a place for him in their hearts.


Author’s note: “I cried when Thanos was brutally murdered in his picturesque cottage.”


1. Joker


And we have the announcement of the winner! Who else should become the king of the villains than the mad Joker whose main goal is to defeat Batman and become the master of all Gotham. If we omit the Joker from Suicide Squad, then we can safely say that this clown is simply a flawless negative in all his films. In short, we can describe him as an unpredictable and ruthless lunatic who does not shy away from using any methods to achieve his goals. However, he earned his place of honour among the audience mainly due to his sarcastic humour and “magic tricks”. It is precisely because of these qualities that many of us rooted for more than the constantly serious Batman.




Among other things, on our part we must definitely recommend the film The Dark Knight where Heath Ledger pushed the boundaries of madness really high. And also the latest Joker movie which showed that madness can awaken in each of us.



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