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The story of Toy Story

07. 08. 2019

Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Rex or Andy… If you were kids or their parents in the middle of the 90s, you surely remember these main characters of the Toy Story movie! This beautiful animated story from the toys environment from Pixar was the first entirely computer-animated feature film. After 9 years, we finally can see the fourth (and last) part in the movie theatres. We have prepared some interesting facts about Toy Story which you might not know (or you did but forgot) 😊


The Second man on the Moon

Have you ever thought about the name of Buzz Lightyear? One of the most beloved Toy Story’s characters haven’t got this name by accident. If you revised the history a bit while remembering the 50 Years Anniversary of Moon landing, you are aware that Neil Armstrong was the first man walking on the Moon, however not the only one. Together with him, two other men were in the crew of Apollo 11 – Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. The plastic astronaut was named after colonel Aldrin. But that’s not all! Aldrin personally helped Buzz Lightyear to go to visit the International Space station in 2005! When it comes to toys, only Czech Little Mole got „further “. He accompanied astronaut Andrew Feustel on his mission to the Moon.


Bo Beep

Bo Beep was  supposed to be a Barbie doll, however in 1995 Mattel decided to forbid it. In that time, Barbie couldn’t appear in any animation movie because they wanted her to be neutral. Little girls were supposed to decide by themselves, what the character of their beloved doll would be and Mattel didn’t want to influence them. But later they changed their minds and Barbie appeared in the second movie. She even has her own TV show now!


There was almost no Toy Story 2

Have you ever worked on something very important on your computer and „it just erased itself“? When the Toy Story 2 creators had almost 90% of the movie done, they were attacked by an Anonymous hacker who was able to delete it all with his malicious code. Luckily, one member of the team made a copy that day because she wanted to work from home. She totally saved the day!


Toy Story 4

It´s been almost 25 years since the first adventure of Buzz and Woody. This time, to the room where the toys are living comes a newcomer called Forky, who will need to be saved.  You can look forward to a lot of action and great jokes as well as to the famous voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen or Keanu Reeves…




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