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The most important news from BlizzCon 2019 event

06. 11. 2019

Whether you are a fan of Blizzard Entertainment or not, you must’ve heard the name World of Warcraft (or Diablo) at least once in your life. And for those that consider the games made by this company to be their life, every year in november these people have a reason to be excited, as this is the time when BlizzCon is happening – an event where Blizzard announces their plans for the future. This year we have received informations about upcoming two new games and two expansions. Let’s take a look whether waiting for this years Blizzcon was worth it and what the near (or distant in some cases) future will bring.



Maybe a bit surprisingly we won’t start with what the future of „WoW“ will bring, but we will take a look at the future of Overwatch. The game has received more attention from the general public in the last couple of years, thanks to the popularity of e-sports. What is the future of this brand? Overwatch 2! It’s true, we are going to get a sequel. Even though apparently not a typical one… It will be a more or less „new game“ with a focus on PvE (player vs environment) and the PvP (player vs player) mode will be, for the first time ever in the history of gaming, shared with the previous game. In Overwatch 2 we’ll take a look at a completely new story campaign a we’ll even be able to play hero missions of individual heroes – if you are fans of the bad guys, who are for example Reaper, Widowmaker or Sombra, you’re out of luck because the story seems to be only playable from the point of view of the good guys, led by Tracer. The improved graphics might only be in the new game, but the new heroes and maps will be added into the first game as well. People that fell in love with the characters certainly have something to look forward to, but it’s hard to say how it will end up for PvP players though.




It seemed like all the dangers in Azeroth (the world of World of Warcraft) have been finally defeated and our characters will leave for a well deserved retirement. However that’s not true… After the events that happened in the Battle For Azeroth expansion and Sylvanas walking away from her role of warchief of the Horde, she has done something unthinkable a she challenged the Lich King (currently Bolvar Fordragon) to a duel. You can see the outcome in the trailer however we’ll give you a little hint – Lich King got, a bit ridiculously, his butt kicked. 😊 This is the moment that sets off the new expansion called Shadowlands in motion. In this expansion we’ll visit the land of the dead and apart from new zones we can expect numerous changes in game mechanics. Probably the most important system that’s going to go through a change is character levelling. The maximum level will change from 120 to 60 and developers promised that the process will be much faster and more entertaining. World of Warcraft is celebrating 15 years this year and after seeing the map of the universe spheres (that we might visit in the future), in which Shadowlands is just a small piece of the puzzle, it is possible that our heroes might not see the previously mentioned retirement just yet. 😊




When the fans of Diablo were impatiently expecting an announcement of a sequel last year they were left disappointed because the only news they received was an information about a new mobile game called Diablo: Immortal. This year everything is different and we can expect Diablo IV in the future. When that will happen is probably a mystery even for the developers themselves though, but still better than nothing… Anyway the trailer is really terrifying and brutal. We can therefore expect a return back to the roots of the series and also a non-linear story that anyone can play in their own pace. From hero classes we have so far confirmed a barbarian, sorceress and a druid. The animations of these heroes look amazing from the first look and the graphical aspect also appears to be really good. The only thing that can be said about the game so far is something that developers said in an interview – apparently the game was be inspired by a lot of different horror games (and even paintings) but that is all so far.




In the end we have Hearthstone that sadly has a difficult time at every Blizzcon. Not only the game is directed towards a very small community of players (when announcing the new cards individually there’s a better atmosphere at funerals…) but the game has a shadow of a certain controversy over it, which we will rather not discuss here in detail. Anyway, new expansion is going to be called Descent of Dragons and there’ll be an arrival of a great amount of dragon cards. A nice surprise is the fact that the game will receive a new mode called Battlegrounds, that is inspired by the so called „autobattle“ genre.




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