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Simple Design- The beauty in simplicity

19. 03. 2020

If you don’t like colorful tropical patterns or romantic flowers, but Skandinavian minimalism is too strict for you, it’s time to discover the beauty of simplicity with us. Forget about classic paintings – i digital design and photography are coming to the scene! We have prepared for you some inspirations and instructions on how to manage decorating in  “Simple Design” style…



Simple does not equal boring

When you say that someone  is simple, you practically call them stupid. However, Simple Design is a smart solution for the apartment! Perfectly suited to the white and subtle shades of pastel colors, but also to the good old gray, which, although it may not seem at first glance, is certainly not depressing or boring. Simple Design is mainly a combination of different colors and motifs. We  combine minimalist posters from contemporary digital artists with artistic black and white photographs. We trully  recommend you to explore the creation of the artistic duo Finlay & Noa, whose designs got not only us but also the Czech influencer Baruxx, who created for us her own selection of our posters. To get inspired by her, check out the You go girl collection!




Your modern interior will certainly suit some writings  – it is up to you whether you choose quotes that give you motivation and confidence, or cheerful “shouts” that make you laugh whenever your eyes rest on the wall. We also offer quotes from classical writers such as Jane Austen or Ernst Hemmingway and/or the philosophical wisdom of Confucius. If you are a traveler or geography was one of your favorite subjects at school and you know that 51 ° N. and 0.1 ° dd. are the coordinates of London (or at least you want to know), you can decorate your walls with original posters with interesting locations or personalities of big cities. However, if you prefer maps, we recommend those by Hubert Roguski!



Classic Black & White

Black and white are very elegant colors, but when you combine them together, you get a very tasteful, modern and chic look! Explore our black & white collection and choose from our black and white art photos featuring natural black & white animals such as zebras, as well as flowers and architecture. Film industry icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn will also fit your interior.


It´s fashion!

You may have noticed that Simple Design is not that far from minimalism. So what makes these styles different? While minimalism takes the “less is more” literally – that is, simple motifs placed on the walls in only one or two pieces, in Simple Design iwe combine several pictures on one wall. It is not exceptional to see  the whole wall covered with different sized Art Prints! So if you have trouble choosing only one theme or photo at a time, this style is perfect for you. By the way,  fashion illustrations are very trendy! Try to combine some pictures by Martina Pavlova or Lena Ker!







P.S.:If you are not sure about colors and how to combine stuff, visit our instagram profile or inspiration section on our website. You will see that  that  there really is  beauty in simplicity!



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