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Retro: What was yesterday is modern today!

03. 04. 2020

Remember the old times?  The style that everyone had at home in the 1950s-1970s is back in fashion, however with minor variations. If you long for a retro style at your home, you don’t have to rob your grandmother’s apartment right away. All you need is the right colors, materials and decorations and you’ll get a flat like  from your favorite movie. And we’ll tell you how to do that!




Cosmic look

In the sixties, humanity first reached the surface of the Moon, so it is no wonder that many sci-fi films were made at that time. The sci-fi cosmic style was popular also in the interior design!  What we consider retro today was  the future for our grandmothers! The most popular materials for the interior were popular plastics, vinyl, chrome and umakart. So if you wanna have retro at home  get  some vibrant color plastic chairs for your dining room! In addition to the metallic look, retro is mainly characterized by colors. After the horrors of war, people just needed to cheer up! The most typical colors include orange, yellow, red, grass green, purple. However, colors must be well combined. If you want to revitalize your interior with retro colors, suitable combinations include mainly orange, blue and olive green, light and dark gray with mustard yellow or lemon yellow, strawberry red, grass green and black-gray. Very populat were wallpapers with geometric patterns. (Check our Retro Collection for inspiration!)




What to hang on the wall?

Perhaps the biggest symbols of the retro style are actresses Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn along with Elvis and James Dean. These personalities are still popular in the interiors to this day and will suit yours as well! In addition to celebrities, people hung on the wall posters of popular movies and bands such as The Beatles and Beach Boys. Last but not least were popular cars, advertising slogans and fashionable pin-up girls. Consumption dominated the world and art was mainly used for advertising. If you like brilliant colors, we recommend you to visit our collection of Popart Sensation! There you will find paintings and wallpapers inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein.




Retro accessories

If you want to be true to the style, get metal signs with cheerful slogans or vehicles. Today they are especially popular in bars and cafes, but believe us that they will look great in your home! There’s nothing better than to laugh every time you enter the room! Laughter heals. Important functional accessories especially for the kitchen include tin cans with retro motifs, alarm clocks, clock or portable radio. You will also find a color toaster, mixer or scales perfect! Retro is colorful, playful and full of memories. Maybe that’s why it’s still so popular!





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