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Part no. 5: Tips on how to decorate your study

19. 07. 2022

Tips on how to decorate your study and office

“Doing nothing is very hard to do…” That is a part of the famous quote from Leslie Nielson. Unfortunately, that is just a funny quote.  In real life, we have to work and often from home. Well, not everybody can afford the luxury of having their own study just for themselves. But do not be desperate! Every apartment can be redecorated right to your needs. Appropriate yourself a private niche (in a living room for example) – all you need is a nice desk, comfortable chair and last but not least a spectacular decoration!

How to do so?

  1. In a well-arranged study, there is a place for each and every thing and it is unacceptable to make it become more of a storage room. A mess severely disturbs our concentration – which is essential in a study, isn’t it?
  2. Where to put a desk? According to Feng shui, you should avoid sitting with your back to the door or right at the wall. Also, be as far as possible from your bedroom – that is where you rest, not work!
  3. Splash out on your chair! If you spend long hours over your computer, you might be endangered by serious health issues. Try to fend off such and get yourself a high quality and comfortable chair. Do not forget, when sitting, you should have your elbow and knee in a right angle.
  4. Elegant decorations are a must have! It is scientifically proven that a room, which is not decorated at all, can lower your work motivation. On the contrary, decorated walls create a cosy atmosphere in the study and it will be a joy to work in there.

Tips on the wall decorations

Do you like to travel? Then maps are just perfect decoration for your study or office! Choose from a vast collection of the city maps, or world maps that can be used as a study accessory as well!

You can never blow it with quotes and texts! They go really well with other illustrations and posters, but additionally can boost up your mood or motivate you to better results! Our collection is immense! So, which one will it be?

You do not feel like painting or thinking about the posters and illustrations combination? Try our wall murals! They are easy to apply and look exquisite. We recommend choosing motifs with dim colours that will not distract you.

Designer’s TIP: If you want your study stylish, harmonise your walls with the furniture. Stickers can easily enhance your desk or bookshelf.

Create your own oasis of peace that will motivate you to high-end work performance even at your neat cosy home! Gentlemen can inspire in our Man Cave collection and create their own elegant men’s niche or room where the walls will be decorated with iconic film posters or sports car illustrations. And ladies will certainly admire our Women power collection, which will affirm them that all women are unique, independent and beautiful!

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