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Movie Review: The 2017 Oscars Academy Awards

30. 01. 2017

Last Tuesday, we were finally introduced to the Oscar nominations. The ceremony will be hosted on the 26th of February, where movies and those affiliated will compete for the Academy Awards in the cinema industry. La La Land is taking center stage with an impressive 14 nominations. The Oscars doesn’t only recognize the best movies, actors and actresses. Some of the lesser known Oscars categories award movie composition, like music and costume design, which can be just as important as the cast or the director. We’re here to highlight who we’re rooting for and to give you a good list of movies to watch as well!

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Academy Award for Visual Effects

It’s probably the most popular category from the ceremony. Who doesn’t like a movie where the visual effects seem undeniably realistic? The popular movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been nominated (just like every single Star Wars movie before that). If you saw the movie, you’d agree that the visual effects were beautiful. But the competition is just as good! Doctor Strange and the Jungle Book are also nominated, and here at the office, our team can’t decide which one is our favorite!

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Academy Award for Music

Let’s not forget that a movie’s soundtrack is also extremely important. We all remember My Heart Will Go On from Titanic, or Skyfall by Adele in the recent James Bond movie. Even though La La Land seems like it’ll win it all this year, our Europosters’ team has a thing for animated movie songs, probably because we will never really grow up (at least we believe our hearts will stay forever young). We’re rooting for Can’t Stop the Feeling from the Trolls movie and How Far I’ll Go from the movie Vaiana

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Academy Award for Costume Design / Makeup and Hairstyling

Both these groups are equally important as the visual effects. Last year, we saw plenty of super-powered movies. As Harry Potters fans, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is one of our favorites! The 1920’s wardrobe choices were perfect! As for makeup and hairstyling, it didn’t take us long remember the villainous heroes in Suicide Squad and the intergalactic Star Trek Beyond styling.

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And no matter who the winners will be…






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