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Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

26. 07. 2017

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can!
It’s so good to see our friendly neighbourhood super-hero return on the big screens. We, the people of Europosters have just returned from the cinema, and we can say that we are mostly satisfied with the movie. We thought that it would be nice to share our opinions with the fans, so we’re going to slip in one more movie review. Watch out for some minor spoilers; we wouldn’t want to ruin the movie for you.

There’s a new spider on the block

Marvel started off really great with the Spider-Man theme song. It was like a good welcome back for the character since they sold the rights to Sony a while ago. The new web-head was well appreciated. Tom Holland is a good Peter Parker with his innocence and his high-school problems. The movie is adapted as a comedy, and I see it similar to the current cartoon. Peter, a kid who tries to stop big and scary bad guys, while trying not to skip classes.

The good

Aunt May has had an interesting development from a defenceless old lady to an attractive hip aunt. I liked that she had a bigger role in Peter’s personal life; but the hot aunt jokes were getting a little too frequent and got old really fast. My favourite good guy in the movie was Ned though. He was hilarious, and his contribution in the crime fighting was amazing and realistic, so he nailed it as a good sidekick. No super powers, no problem.

The bad

Let’s talk about the characters. I was really delighted to see the minor bad guys from the comics to show up. Of course, I am talking about the Vulture, the Shocker and a third baddie that will appear as a small cameo (no spoiler… no worries). The Vulture had a beautiful design on his costume and it was really cool to see the Shocker’s tech in action. The problem would be, not having the coolest ability of the Vulture in the movie (the youth drain) and Shocker having a shock weapon only for one hand. But we can’t be too picky – they were great.

The Spidery

The philosophy of the movie from my point of view would be the struggles of smart millennials. Peter is a genius teenager that wants to make it in the big league (The Avengers) picking a father figure like Tony Stark and willing to give up high-school in order to achieve his dream. Teenagers today have a similar problem. Seeing so -My successful business owners that dropped out of college or schools in order to make their business successful, they hope to land a good job for their futures, they try to find mentors to guide them and ignore the high-school dramas that were a big deal in the past… but not so much today. I think that this would be the theme of the movie. In the end, the movie was great. You got to see Captain America and Iron Man. There were three unexpected plot twists that were really cool, and I won’t spoil them, but just stay there until the credits end. The patience is usually rewarded ha-ha.

We hope that you enjoyed our movie review. And if you like Spider-Man, swing your webs towards our Spider-Man merchandise.

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