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Movie Review: Marvel’s superheroine Captain Marvel

26. 03. 2019

It finally happened. After Wonder Woman and female version of Doctor Who, the creators of MARVEL decided to make a movie starring main female character. You may have never heard about Carol Danvers alias Captain Marvel and now you’re thinking that there must be come connection with Captain America (They’re both captains, right?) and you are not so far from the truth. Rumour has it that it is going to be Carol, who will beat Thanos in the coming End Game. However, movie Captain Marvel is about her personal story. Though there is also some Tesseract part too, of course.

The girl next door

Carol Danvers is a girl dreaming about having career as a pilot which is not exactly girly job, especially in the 90’s where she comes from. She nice ordinary woman, no perfect sex bond like Wonder Woman, more like a duffer with the-girl-next-door look. As well as Bruce Banner or Spider-Man, Carol got her superpowers after an accident. What happened? Read more. 

Vers vs. Danvers

While trying to become real pilots, Carol and her Friend Maria befriended doctor Lawson, alien scientist from planet Hala who was creating new type of engine to help to end never-ending war between Kree and Skrull people. However, no one had idea about Lawson’s alien origin and after being attacked by enemies during a test flight, Carol had no idea about anything at all. Before doctor died, she destroyed the engine her enemies. She caused a small explosion which made Carol Danvers the most powerful human light bulb in the whole (Marvel) universe, waking us at Hala with no memories about her previous human life.  In shortcut, the movie tells the story of Vers, a member of Starforce, who is trying to figure out who and where is she from and who is the bad guy in the Skrull war. In the mean time she is kidnapped by Skrulls, taken to Earth and nearly busted by S.H.I.E.L.D. Plus some chasing and other action scenes. As usual.

What to look forward to

Although the best character of the movie should be logically Captain Marvel, it is needed to say that without amazing Samuel L. Jackson alias Nick Fury the movie wouldn’t be as good. Movie fans will be amused, and feminists pleased by the scene of Fury doing the dishes together with Captain. Cat lovers will love (not really) cat Goose, former pet of doctor Lawson which is not only a new furry friend of Fury but also very dangerous weapon. You don’t believe it? See it with your own eyes. Same as Nick, who has still two eyes there, by the way. At least most of the movie.

It is worth seeing

Despite of small details like not very well described character of Captain Marvel or little too exaggerated effect in the final battle, the movie is very watchable, and fans of the Avengers saga should definitely see it. As it is customary with Marvel – all the movies are connected. In the movie, we are learning also Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L. D’s story and if you will wait till the end of the titles, you will Captain America, Black Widow and Banner desperately trying to save the world and meeting Captain Marvel for the first time. Who will fall fighting and who will be saved? We are going to find out at the end of April!

P.S.: Thumbs up to the make up artists and graphics for the S. L. Jackson’s facelift. Changing 70 years old man into someone in his 40’s must have been hard. 😊



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