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Movie review: Lion King

26. 07. 2019

Same as with The Jungle Book, for the new version of Lion King is responsible director Jon Favreau who is known to Marvel fans as loyal companion of Tony Stark named Happy. Favreau bet on the classic loved by millions all over the world. And he definitely won. The result is really worth the effort!




If you are one of those people who are fond of the kind of Shakespearean story of cub Simba, there is no excuse for missing this movie. Although the original Walt Disney animation is beautiful, the new 3D version will take your breath away. You won’t believe it is not done with real animals! Seriously, it is impossible to make the visuals better.  It is true that in the original version, the creators played more with the face expressions of the animals while talking, but Jon Favreau’s team kept it more natural. So, don’t expect to see a smoked monkey shaman. 😊 If Simba didn’t speak with the voice of Donald Glover, you might feel like watching a documentary about the life of animals from savannah.




What else, except the perfect visuals, can you look forward to? For instance, beautiful music of Hans Zimmer and Elton John rendered by Pharell Williams. They also added two more songs to the original soundtrack. Maybe it was not necessary to do it because the songs Can you Feel the Love Tonight or Hakuna Matata are unbeatable, however, they had Beyoncé cooperating on the movie and, if you have Beyoncé, she has to sing more. That is clear.




 When it comes to the script, the script writers decided to bet on the proven. The story is the same, including the dialogues. Nevertheless, with new songs there are also some new scenes but don’t except a new story. The Lion King was and is an emotional rollercoaster. For a moment, you are dying of cuteness of small Simba, then you are laughing about the dialogues of Timon and Pumbaa and of course, when the good daddy Mufasa dies, it is impossible not to cry. Don’t forget to take extra tissues to the cinema because even if the original Lion King never made you cry, this super realistic one will!




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