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Movie Review: Deadpool 2

21. 05. 2018

Only a few weeks after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, we first thought at Europosters : “And again, another Marvel movie…”. Don’t get us wrong, we love Marvel, and especially the movie franchise is giving us a constant flow of great action-pumped movies. But getting two of those movies in such a short time lapse would have probably felt like… too much. It would have, except this is a different kind of Marvel. Yep, this is a Deadpool movie.

Language, please

We don’t know if anyone of you made the mistake of thinking “Oh a superhero movie, guess I’ll bring my kids/little brother/cousin, he/she will love it” for the first movie, but we sure hope no one did that mistake again. It was part of the reasons why the first movie was such a success, and the directors know it: they are using it again. This movie, in opposition with all other Marvel movies is made for adults. References that require you to be born before the 21st century, shocking lines and sexual allusions are part of the Deadpool character. And Ryan Renolds once again looks like he was born to play this character,but still, language please.

A one man show

Yes, we said it, Ryan Renolds is absolutely great as a sad, lonely Deadpool that keeps on hiding his sorrow and his self-hatred behind obscene jokes. However, quite as the first movie, he’s about the only true character in the movie. Every other character, wether it’s a good or a bad guy is more of a sidekick without any real lines. Of course, when you have such a different character and a talented actor, it must be tempting to put it all on him, but seriously, we would have appreciated a deeper storyline. Even if we find again Colossus, Weasel and the brand new star of the internet, Peter, the guy “who just saw the ad”, it would have be great to see some new faces and more complex relationships. But again, it’s a Deadpool movie.

The 4th wall? Never heard about it

On the other hand, characters’ complexity and storyline are not really what you’re looking for, neither what you expect from this movie. Or at least we would hope you didn’t. The movie is hilarious, as long as you enjoyed the first one. Deadpool is still telling his story, so expect the not-so-hero to talk straight to you many times in the movie. Jokes are borderline politically incorrect sometimes, but still enjoyable for most of them, with a bit of shame though. References to all the other Marvel movies and even more famous pop culture cult names are omnipresent. To be fair, we think this movie is probably funnier than the first one, but also much filthier. Yep, if some parts of the first movie offended you, don’t step back into this cinema room. Please. Really.

In the end we’re happy to see the terrible son of the Marvel franchise back on the screen, especially cause this fits Ryan Renolds so well. The story is cute but don’t expect to be wowed by suspense and plot twists. It’s more of a background to allow jokes. This movie was enjoyable if you liked the first one, but however we hope that if they decide on making a second one, they will bring some fresh air into it.




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