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Movie Review: Aquaman

24. 12. 2018

With Aquaman, DC Comics presents its lastest superhero movie and even though the story is predictable and follows the simple scheme of most superhero stories, the underwater world that is revealed beneath the surface is visually stunning, filled with magical creatures, and has its depths (literally :)). In this review, we introduce the likeable character of Aquaman and the Atlantean kingdom he seeks to return to. So, take a deep breath, put on your goggles and follow us under water as we take a closer look at the movie… blubb, blubb…


“Forgotten prince returns home, defeats his evil brother, seeks the throne and saves the day” 

The plot is as old as life itself and because the movie meticulously follows this very simple scheme, the viewer does not get surprised by any of the actions that are happening throughout the movie (except for one time maybe…).  Aquaman, being the son of a lighthouse keeper and the queen of Atlantis, grows up at the surface and is secretly trained to develop his skills and powers. While his evil brother claims the throne of Atlantis and declares war on the surface world, Aquaman and Mera, the princess of an underwater kingdom, go on a journey to find the magic trident of the first king of Atlantis to unit the seven sea kingdoms, fight his brother and bring peace between the worlds….easy, right?



Loads of fun

The movie doesn’t take it self too seriously. Other than previous DC movies, Aquaman is full of jokes and easter eggs which make up for the monotonous narrative. While the dialogues revolve around heroism, destiny and meaningful events, Aquaman, portrayed by Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo, is always up for a joke. His humour caused great laughter among the viewers and made the movie itself much more entertaining, for instance when Aquaman gets approached by a biker gang in a bar.



Clever social criticism 

As Atlantis and the underwater world declare war on the surface dwellers, DC comics scatters some clever social criticism throughout the movie. The fishessea creatures and inhabitants of Atlantis do not just bring war upon the surface to dominate the world, but to seek revenge for the destruction of their environment. Throughout the movie, the theme of pollution and overfishing appears as an argument for Atlantis to fight back humanity. In one attack, for instance, the underwater dwellers throw tons of ship wrecks and garbage back on the land. As we continue to pollute the environment and destroy the ocean, covering this topic is very important and in this movie cleverly done! Safe the environment!



In conclusion

The movie does not reinvent the wheel, but with its likeable superhero, its many jokes, the massive underwater world and sea battles, which looked like star wars battles under water, it paves the way for upcoming movies. The producers have already promised future Aquaman movies and we hope to get more information about the different kingdoms and their history. We definitely recommend the movie as we had fun watching it 🙂 So sit back, relax and enjoy the movie….but don’t get wet!





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