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Maurits Bausenhart: When you meet a lion, follow the “Hakuna Matata” rule!

05. 07. 2020

Maurits Bausenhart is a very talented young photographer we have discovered by „accident “. He ̍s been taking pictures „more seriously “since the age of 16.  Although photography is one of his greatest passions, it is not the only one. In one of our first conversations he said that he ̍s not very interesting person since he has his whole life ahead of him, but this interview proves him wrong. Read more if you want to know “the story behind the scenes” of this wonderful German photographer!






It ̍s hard to say, when Maurits realised he had a good eye for photography, but he does remember the exact photo he got nothing but very positive feedback about from his family and friends. „ It ̍s kind of cliché I know, but it was a picture of my cat. Since that picture, I am the official family photographer! “, he replied laughing when I asked him about the photo that made him realise that photography is his great passion.

 Looking at his pictures, one might think that Mauri aims to become a professional photographer as Peter Mckinnon or Benjamin Ortega whom he admires, but it is not the case. „ I am currently an e-commerce trainee, that is my other „love” as well as traveling which I enjoy very much. “And travelling was our main topic when we met for a chat.






What is the most beautiful place you have visited so far?

Maurits: I would say China, Africa and I really enjoyed my time in New York. Unfortunately, I don ̍t have pictures from there.

Let ̍ s talk about the trip to Africa then since that is the topic of most of your photos we have in our offer. How is it like to be face to face to wild animals?

Maurits: Being face to face with animals this size and this majestic aura, was something very special. Just seeing them how they act and behave in their „normal“ habitat, really left me without words. Because often elephants and lions and cheetahs are beiing displayed as these wild and dangerous animals. But as long as you don‘t  endanger them or disturb them, they are more chilled than most of the people I know (laugh) And for example one time a lion came up to our vehicle and just lied down in the shadow. You don ̍t see something like this every day.

Well, in the end they are just big cats… Were you afraid when the lion came?

Maurits: No not really. Cause our guide was one of the best guides we could ever get, and he basically told us: „Hakuna Matata. As long as you don ̍t try to pet him everything will be okay. “ And along these guidelines I didn‘t pet him, and just took some photos of him. And everything went well.





Do you have some funny experience from your travels you don´t mind to share?

Maurits: In Shanghai, there was a quite funny moment when I stood between two elevators in our hotel and between those two elevators, there was a little stand with sand in it. And I wondered for days what that could be. And on our last day a Chinese man stood next to me and suddenly just spew in it. At first, I was a little shocked, but I think in Germany and Europe something like this is not common. But it seems to be quite common over there. At least in Shanghai.

That´s interesting! When you ̍re traveling, do you try all the different food they have? Chinese and African cuisine is very different from ours…

Maurits: Indeed!  I try to get as much as possible from my bucket list food wise. For example, chicken feet.

Ugh… How is it?

Maurits: Very delicious. Try it if you can (laugh). But spiders or alive scorpions are still a little too much for me… In Africa I can ̍t recall anything too wild for me. I ate all their local food and I must say it ̍s beyond delicious. Big recommendation for African and Chinese food!!

I don ̍ t think I´m that brave… What are your next traveling plans? I mean, after the coronavirus pandemic is over…

Maurits:  Because these big destinations were only possible because of my parents I will tone it down this year.(laugh) From now on, most of my travels are going to be paid from my pocket so I think inner Germany is also very interesting and some European countries are also still on my bucket list. Like Paris or Lisbon.

What about Prague?

Maurits: Yes, Prague is also very beautiful and worth travelling to. It is also on my list! We will see which country or city attracts me the first and most.



What is your life dream?

Maurits: Regarding my personal life I just want to be happy and regret as little as I can. Cause you only got one life. Sounds cheesy but it ̍s the reality. And making the most of it and being happy with what you have and achieved is the best way.

But one big dream for me still, is owning an old-timer Porsche. When I can get me one of those, I would be more than happy!

I wish you good luck with that! Is there anything you ̍ d like to say, some „motivation “ for the readers perhaps?

 I just want to say that I really believe that there is no restriction to anything. So, if something is possible, do everything you can to achieve your goal.  



Talking with Maurits was a great experience. He ̍s “just a regular guy” on the first sight however, when you talk a little longer with him, you can sense that this young man has a lot to offer. When I asked him about whether he ̍s Canon or Nikon guy, he surprised me with quite unexpected answer “With cameras it is like with cars. You can drive any of them but only some “feel right”. I take pictures with my Lumix and I ̍m happy.” Happy and chilled  That are the adjectives that suit him the best, however, we could use them to describe the animals he portrayed at his trip to Africa.

We invite you to discover whole new collection of photographs from the travels of Maurits Bausenhart –  A young talented photographer we are proud to introduce to you!





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