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Marketplace: I want to start selling my art

27. 05. 2022

For many people, art is a hobby, a passion, but also a job. Yes, you read right, your artwork can earn you money to travel the world or to make your other wishes come true. Do you want to pursue a career as a professional artist as well? We’ll answer for you – definitely yes! You can’t lose anything, if you expand your work to the online world. Open your online art shop at our Marketplace – for FREE. But before you do that, read on for some tips on how to shine and rank among the bestsellers. 


1. Be original

Do market research. Get inspired, but definitely don’t copy… find an “untapped market” and set yourself apart, create your own distinctive style. A little TIP from us – retro is an immortal classic in the home design and there are more pop culture lovers than you think!

2. Don’t forget about quality

Upload and sell your artwork in the highest quality possible. Pay extra attention to grainy textures and blurred backgrounds. Filters can be used and we know it can make your art look special, but they can also be very detrimental to quality, so choose them wisely and remember that sometimes less is more. 

Choosing the right ratio is also important, we recommend 2:3, 3:4 or 1:1. The main reason is frames, which are most often sold in the standardized sizes. 

Read more – how a perfect artwork looks like – in the next article.

3. Share and earn

In order to get someone to buy your prints, you also need to do a bit more than just art – which many artists forget. Spread the word about your artwork! A website is a great tool to promote yourself and, more importantly, your work. Certainly don’t forget about your social media presentation either. Communicate with your fans, share what you create. And last but not least, give your art lovers the opportunity to buy a great decoration. As part of your registration to Marketplace, you will get your own unique discount code (and link) for a purchase on our e-shop for all your followers. And it pays off – for you and your fans. 🙂

“I am having a great experience working with Europosters! I am very happy with every picture sold. It motivates me to continue my work. Great contact and quick replies. They have a very easy-to-use upload system and provide daily sales reports. I would recommend cooperation with Europosters!”

Manjik Pictures

So don’t wait any longer and sign up today. Extend your potential and put yourself in the spotlight on a successful e-shop that receives visits from over a million buyers from 25 European countries every year. We hope to see you soon at our Marketplace!


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