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Inspiration: Interior design trends for the coming year!

05. 09. 2017

When we talk about design of your new interior or redesign of the old one, maybe you do not search trends of the next year, but the actual. However, we were a little bit more curious! We have found the way to make your interior up to date and even timeless, we have found the colours of interior design trends for the coming year 2018!

Different colour combinations are not just a question of fashion world, but also of the interior design world. Institutes of colours and interior design with all of the best designers are trying to create a perfect colour palettes of unique colour combinations. We took a look at those combinations and also found them in our favourite category of Mounted Art.

Mounted art is made with quality print on vinyl paper. The top layer is created with UV lamination with specific structure of the canvas, which completes the final effect. An advantage of this vinyl paper and special attachment on sandwich panel is that it is making the art firmly tightened, the image does not wrap and it is filled. Handles and dowels go with the art, so it can be much easier for you to hang the picture on the wall. It has one more important advantage which is that you can easily clean it- our prints vs. dust? Definitely 1:0! 

And who is standing behind this? The World Institute of Colours Pantone does – with leader Leatrice Eiseman, which brings those three colour palettes for the year ahead of us and we are really excited for it! They are called: Affinity, Connectivity, and Sincerity. Let’s take a look at them and inspire ourselves with colourful Mounted Wall Art.


Mounted Art Holiday in Paradise, various sizes



Mounted Art Peace in the dock, various sizes
Mounted Art Sunrise on the coast, 90 × 60 cm (3x 60×30 cm)



Mounted Art Print China – Great Wall of China, Mountains, various sizes
Mounted Art Print Fish, 120 × 60 cm (2x 60×60 cm)


Want to see more of Mounted Wall Art?

Source 1Source 2


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