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Inspiration: How to style rooms in your home?

27. 02. 2019

Your home should be the reflection of yourself. There’s no need for every room to be styled in Provence style. The opposite is true – each room can express one of the multiple colours of your personality. Sometimes we are brave, energetic, while at other times, we reflect on our deepest dreams. We are unique, we do not fit in any kind of box. That’s why we prepared a separate section for every room.

Let’s start in a general manner

Are you fond of an interior with raw facing? And have you ever tried to apply it? Those who have, are rolling their eyes right now. Those who haven’t – good for you and keep your concerns. 😊

In case you’re a superhero, find a different way to prove it (You can start with getting gear with a motif of your favourite character – see the picture).

Iron Man - Wall Murals, Keyrings, Canvas prints, Posters

Such a heavy type of facing might fall off. If not right on your foot, then right next to it – on your expensive floor. That’s not what you’d enjoy experiencing. However, there’s an option that is becoming popular today – wall murals with such motifs as wood, brick wall and others.

Grunge Brick Wall Wallpaper Mural


In his or her bedroom, one should feel completely safe, so we do not recommend placing stylish pictures of action heroes, monsters or skulls. The place where you want to rest should resonate with the most peaceful part of you. That’s why you might want to choose a wallpaper that will bring you to the Zen mode. The range of options is limitless. At any case, it is your private space.

Glowing Mist Wallpaper Mural

Living room

A gathering area does not have to be as personal as your bedroom or your study room. A wall mural suggests itself because it gives the room the charms of your personality. The range of pictures and themes is wide. There’s something for everyone – for romantic souls, animal lovers or motorcycle drivers.

New York Rockefeller View Wallpaper Mural

During long winter evenings, you can play jigsaw puzzles with your guests and have the put-together puzzles framed, and then hang them on your walls as a memory of fun times with your friends. Or you are a fan of the famous football team and drink from a mug with the motif of the club (what’s the use of being a fan when you don’t have a jersey – it’s the same as being a Potterhead and not drinking your hot chocolate from a mug with a Dobby motif). Do not underestimate the accessories. They possess a special gift of endowing you with emotion after every usage.


Those who own a tub do not have to necessarily play with a toy ship and a rubber duck to enjoy themselves during having a bath. Just one look outside of a window – with a view of a hot sandy beach, and that’s it. Moving to the tropics is much more financially demanding than installing such a view. 😊

Path Beach Sand Nature Wallpaper Mural


99.99 % of people dance and sing along in their kitchen. And reason? The feeling of satisfaction because of a haul hidden in the fridge. Invite a fangirl from a metal sign to see your performance. She will smile at you, in spite of your not hitting the right note. Also, she will motivate you to be modest with your nightly ice cream feasting. Or, if a piggy is a bigger motivation than her, you can place it right on the fridge door. 😊


Make art, spread love and have fun!

Decorate your life!

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