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Inspiration: How to put on wall murals

11. 10. 2020

Are you before the big change of your interior? Then we definitely recommend the easiest and most original option. Put on wall murals on the wall! Whether it be the design of natural materials such as stone or wood, animals or beautiful views, then you will not regret the result. Do not worry about their application, it is not the same as it was used to be time ago. The application is now much easier and sticker wall murals, you can even paste it into another room.

Application of wall murals

Each wall mural comes with the glue and application instructions. So you only need a brush, a knife, and most of all, an appetite for work. But beware – if you have a coarse-grained plaster, think carefully about buying a wall mural. It can only be easily applied to a smooth, clean surface. If your walls are made of plasterboard, we recommend that you first penetrate them. This material is very absorbent. If everything is all right, just unpack your wallpapers, make sure you have all the parts that are connected to each other, and then just mark with a pencil where to place the wallpapers and start sticking. It will be just a moment and your home will get a new original face that will not bother you!



Paper wall murals

Paper wall murals have long been what they used to be. Now they’re much better and made of durable paper, so you don’t have to worry about tearing it. The wallpapers are printed on poster paper called the “blueback”. They are printed with state-of-the-art technology, and along with quality finishes and more affordable prices, they are great for a great change in your interiors. Paper wall murals are glued with special glue and they are removed with a damp cloth.


Vlies wall murals

Vlies wall murals are made of nonwovens, which are made by pressing synthetic fibers. Gluing and stripping wallpaper is very simple. The wall mural is dry-glued (the adhesive is applied only to the wall) and is non-flammable. So, if you’re new to wall murals, fleece wall murals are the best choice.


Stick wall murals

Absolutely new are the world of phototap, sticker wall murals. The advantage is very easy application and subsequent removal and the possibility of sticking the wall mural to another place in another room, or keep it for later. What do you need? Almost nothing! Just want to change, a partner who will help you to peel off the paper and squeegee to avoid the formation of bubbles. They are available in a large number of variations.



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