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Inspiration: 7 tips for office redecoration

10. 01. 2019

#1 Your comfort is a number one priority

In order to get your work well done, you should feel comfortable in your office. Surround yourself only with the essentials that make you happy and have a practical application. A dreamcatcher might be a nice decoration but it will most likely just collect dust in your office.

Plus having a relaxation prop in a place made for generating income could discomfort your boss 🙂

#2 Too much is too much

Your office doesn’t have to be a cold and unfriendly place. Choose something that puts your mind at ease and find yourself some fine supplies and design decoration.

#3 A motivated worker is more productive

Do you dream of spending exotic holiday on a deserted island? Do you want to own a beach house? Don’t be afraid to dream. Only when we manage to picture our dreams become reality, they come true. Close your eyes and visualize your perfect life. Then associate it with the right image and place it on the whole wall opposite to your work desk. Everytime you look up from your computer, it will remind you why you’re there.

#4 Be your own motivation

There’s a saying goes, “Healthy body, healthy mind”. You need to take good care of your body as well as your spirit if you want to do a good job at work and maintain mindfulness. Wake up a little earlier, put your notebook inside your stylish backpack and ride a bike on your way to work. Walk instead of using bus. Because when you finish your journey, you sit on a chair in your office feeling special without even doing anything (yet). To start your day with such self-esteem is worth your time. Take your talisman with you so you can feel like a hero even during  the day.

#5 Let it speak for you

Catch the visitors’ eyes when they enter the office. Your meetings will be more natural if there’s a more personal topic for discussion than just the purpose of the gathering. Your guest will likely be a Harry Potter fan like you or that person gigging at a concert of the band you have on your coaster.

#6 Metal signs are the ultimate ice breaker

#7 One family photo should do it

You don’t need your mom looking after you from three framed pictures on the wall. Have your own space that makes you creative. There’s more at work than just giving out your precious energy – the space can energize you. That’s why we wish you to have your life as colourful and energetic as your office! 🙂


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