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How to manage emotions in the times of coronavirus

09. 04. 2020

When adolescents are grounded as punishment by their parents, they deal with a lot of emotions such as despair or injustice. The same thing is happening to the world now – we must all stay locked up at home, keep ourselves out from friends and deal with the negative news that the media is throwing on us every 5 minutes. Coronavirus is not easy to deal with, whether you are deploying your life for patients in hospitals or trying to save your own at home. We’ve been fighting the super-infectious virus for over a month now, and it seems that we are finally about to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the tunnel is still long enough, so you need to learn how to manage your feelings in the home confinement. And we will advise you how!




When you are all alone

We each spend our home confinement differently. Some of us spend their days with the whole family in a small apartment, some of us are all alone. Neither is perfect. When you are alone, you are longing for human contact, when you are with other people, you want to hide and not talk to anyone all day. Yet being completely alone is a little more difficult. There is a reason why the worst criminals are put in solitary confinement! Indeed, solitude has a great impact on our mental health. Of course, it depends on the length of the isolation. The longer you are alone, the more likely you will experience the following symptoms: anger, irritability, hostility, anxiety, hopelessness. How to fight it? Since we are not isolated from our relatives for punishment, we can at least call them. Nowadays there are many applications where you can chat with your loved ones for free over the internet. It’s not the same as having a beer with a friend outside, but it will let make you forget about all for a while.


  • Call to your family and friends through video chat apps. To avoid feeling like you are experiencing the same day over and over again, do not call with the same people at the same time every day. Your brain needs new stimuli – new topics, new stories. No one wants to watch the same episode of a series at the same time every day!
  • Do you miss a Friday drink with your friends? Have one online! Friday nights outside are an important part of psychohygiene for many of us. But the pubs are closed indefinitely, and we should not meet friends for a while anyway. But again, you can call them! Have a glass of red wine or beer (we strongly recommend just one drink! Juice may be enough 😊) and discuss the work, friends or series you have seen together. But avoid the topic of the coronavirus crisis! Friday is supposed to be fun!
  • Stretch yourself. In domestic isolation, we not only lack social contact, but also movement. Even if you are no athlete! After a few weeks of sitting at home, we may be affected by back pain and headache or hand tremors, digestive problems and insomnia. You can avoid these inconveniences by trying to move at least a little. If you can go out, take a walk for at least 30 minutes each day. But be careful! Put on a mask and go somewhere where there is no high concentration of people. Remember to keep the distance of at least 2 meters from others! If walking outside is not an option, open a window and walk around the apartment for at least 15 minutes. Repeat these home walks several times during the day.
  • Think positive. Being informed is important but pay attention to how much new information you really need per day. Read over and over again how many infected are in each country will create real feelings of despair and sadness. Rather read your favourite book again or watch Friends the fiftieth time. Make your favourite tea or coffee. Look at your photos from holidays or childhood. Forget what is happening and plan who and where you will meet when the situation calms down.
  • Surround yourself with beauty. Do not stare at the empty wall. Decorate them nicely! Get an Art Print of your favourite painter, a photograph of nature, or picture of people that will evoke positive emotions in you. If you want to get some positive vibes, visit our Pure Happiness collection.
  • Do something creative – Paint, write, play musical instruments. Do whatever you enjoy doing or you always wanted to try. It doesn’t matter that your masterpiece is the image of a “pig in the grass” or that you only know 2 chords. For a while, you will employ your hands and your brain, and get better!




When there are too many of you

Not everyone lives in a palace with ten bedrooms. You may have never cared about the size of your apartment before, but right now you feel every meter. Partner, children, dog, cat. The more people, the more noise and possible conflicts. But even this can be fought! Everything is about the agreement and the rules you set.

  • Divide your apartment into zones. Sometimes everyone needs to be alone for a while. If your partner or children always come to you and want you to entertain them in some way, you can easily get irritated and conflict is on the way! Arrange that, for example, a bedroom is a place where you not only sleep, but also rest mentally – so if any of you needs to isolate him/herself from others for a while, they can hide right there and no one is allowed to follow them.
  • Determine time for moments together and alone. Just like moments of privacy, those you spend with your family are important. Divide the day into parts: working hours, time for personal peace, family activities, food. Learn how to work together under this mode and you’ll see that you’re looking forward to playing together or watching a movie with your family!
  • Talk about your feelings. The worst thing you can do is keep everything to yourself. But if you feel bad, it is important to name and share your feelings. But of course, the form you do it is important. Do not discharge your frustration with your partner or children and look for substitute problems. When you feel „it is too much“ for you, just say it. You will see that your partner’s embrace or understanding will do you good!



We are in a situation we have never experienced before, so it is perfectly fine that we are afraid of what is happening and will be. But it is important not to lose hope and sense of humour. Humour and good mood are the best weapon against coronavirus! A good state of mind increases our immunity. 😊 So equip yourself with beautiful emotions in our collection of art photos!




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