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How to enter the world of replica and figurine collector

21. 12. 2021

We all have that one favourite movie with what we bought all the merch that can be found. And how about going one step forward and getting a figurine of your favourite character? In this blogpost, you will find everything that will help you decide – what is the difference in materials, how to take care of your figurines and what exactly is the difference between action figurine and collectible figurine. Let’s get started!


When browsing our figurine collection, you can notice different materials. Let’s take a look at them.

  • ABS, which is in short acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is a commonly used tough thermoplastic polymer. The main advantage of this material is resistance against mechanical damage. It also allows the producers to depict the most difficult details on the figurine. And every piece is original since it is made from a mould, so the final product can differ based on manipulation with the product.
  • PVC is a thermoplastic polymer, one of the most used plastics, especially because of its versatility. A big advantage is flexibility but also toughness that can be adjusted so it holds a certain shape. You can see it yourself on our page, we have phone and joystick holders from PVC in the category Cable Guy.
  • Vinyl is basically PVC particles that are mixed with liquid softener based on the final look. As opposed to other materials, vinyl is lighter and less likely to break. It can be very detailed, it depends on the process of shaping.
  • POM is a material that is most used in joints. This material is the reason that those parts are tough, firm in movement and resistant against wear and tear.
  • Polystone is a mixture of liquid resin and powder stone admixture, thanks to that, figurines are tougher and firmer. It depicts a lot of the original sculptor’s detail which is why it’s so popular in collectibles. Actually, you can see for yourself in your category Collectible figurines and check out all of the details.
  • Resin is a liquid urethane that fills up every crevice in a mould which creates a basically perfect replica of the original. Resin is flexible and more fragile depending on thickness. This material is basically the most used in our categories Fantasy & Sci-fi figurines and also Magic wands.
  • Fibreglass is a firm, tough and flexible material that can be formed into difficult shapes and still stays quite light.

What is better, resin or PVC?

Based on the fact that the figurines are made from flexible mould, resin products don’t need as many cuts as those made from PVC. Resin is also heavier than PVC and looks more realistic. The packaging for a resin figurine must be well isolated against impact otherwise can the product be cracked or broken.

Collectible figurines vs Action figurines

So, what is the difference? It actually depends on if the figurine has joints. The ones that have joints and can be put in many different positions are called action figures. Thanks to that, you can build your own replica of a scene. Figurines that don’t have joints are collectible.

Why do I have to take care of my figurines?

The materials, from which the action figurines are made, are not indestructible and can show signs of ageing. The colour can be chipped or scratched, the plastic can change colour and can gather dust or dirt. Here you can read everything about what can damage the figurine:

  • Direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can cause fading and stains
  • Heat. Intense heat, usually caused by direct sunlight, can cause softening and deformation of the plastic.
  • Humidity. A lot of humidity can cause the colour to peel off, it can also cause decals to fall off and release of the joints. This can cause the figurines to not be able to hold positions very well.

How to take care of your figurines?

Here are some simple steps that can help to keep your collection in pristine condition. It’s great to get used to regular maintenance, for example taking one day out of the month to take care of your collectibles. And you don’t only have to clean, take a day to play with them as well.

Useful advice: 

  • Keep your pieces in a place with no direct sunlight. If they are displayed on a shelf, keep sure that they are as far away from the windows as they can.
  • Keep your pieces displayed or placed in a room with a nice room temperature. Don’t put your figurines where there is no excessive heat or humidity like a garage, basement or the attic. No one wants to have a melted or a shrunken collection! 
  • If you put your figurines in boxes, use solid plastic ones with a lid that fit tightly to prevent humidity. Also consider sealing each figurine in a plastic bag before you put them in the box. Carton boxes are not ideal for storage because they let heat and humidity through. They also often contain acids that can damage the plastic and colour.
  • Careful handling of the figurines can prevent settling the dirt and dust. If they get dirty, most of the figurines can be cleaned by wetting them to warm soapy water and gently cleaning them with a toothbrush with soft bristles.


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