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How to arrange your office?

18. 01. 2020

Office or workplace is a place where even if we want or not, we spend most of our time. Therefore, we should pamper it and make it fit to our needs and feel comfortable there. Here are some tips on how to do this.


Position of computer and desk

An important point in the office is the positioning of your desk and computer. Most of us think it was supposed to be facing out the window. But this can make your work less effective. If you like the window behind your work chair, you may find that the sunshine often interfere with your desktop. From the point of Feng Shui, it is not appropriate to have an entrance in front of or behind you. This makes people feel less secure. The best solution is to have a wall without a window behind you with a view of the office. It is said to be a position of power. So where do you have it?


Try the wall murals

Be original and courageous. Put your favorite theme or photo in larger format on the wall in front of or behind your desk! Try Wall Mural! Travel to the moon, warm landscapes, or a flowering meadow. Create your own paradise It is gonna be like working in fairy tale. 🙂


Work motivation

The less furniture and things you have around you, the easier you will work. The energy and flow of your thoughts will flow in style that you will be surprised. Motivational posters or paintings can be another tip for work motivation. Whether it’s inscriptions that give you the right strength and direction or motivational places you want to be in the future. Both are proven to make us more efficient.




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Decorate your life!

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