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Flower madness

13. 03. 2016

Flowers are great source of inspiration for painters that are looking for unique color combinations. Painters, and generally artists have been using flowers to provoke different emotions and states of mind. For example, violets bring a tone of royalty; poppy plant is associated with passion, but also fragility, while lotus is linked with sincerity, purity and relaxation.

Flower madness

Fashion designers have been reinventing the usage of flowers over and over again. Floral print is considered one of the most used prints in clothing, together with stripes. Floral elements are found both on strict formal garments and on modern bright t-shirts. Think for instance, how blooming details on a blouse bring a romantic tone to the air and are perfect to wear on dates, while carnations are associated with sad moments and are used as a funeral flower in a lot of countries. Floral prints are usually found in spring-summer collections of Oscar de la Renta, Prada, or Dolce & Gabbana…

At the same time, flowers are used as an irreplaceable element of interior design. Fresh bouquets are always used during luxurious wedding ceremonies, same as wild green plants are a perfect suit for cushy environments. Interior designers have been using flowers to enlighten coffee places, or to create cozy home atmosphere. And even though we could live without flowers, not using them in our lives just won’t make the places we know look the same.

A great demonstration of this point is that flowers even have their own language, to be precise floriography, which is a form of communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. Flowers really have a great hidden message and correctly incorporating them into the design of your home, office, or your newly opened coffee place in essential. Simultaneously, buying fresh flowers every week for a big café can significantly raise your financial expenses. Our solution is using glass art, posters or wall murals with flowers on them. These will create a pleasant atmosphere, will bring your costs down, and will help preserving a green environment. When decorating with flowers, also think about line, form, texture, structure, color, proportion and balance. On one hand, if you are trying to decorate a strict business environment, paint the walls in light tones and use only one very bright glass art with flowers for contrast. On the other hand, if you are trying to build up a cosmetic salon, use a repetition of rocks and flowers, by using Zen glass art on walls, but also leaving the rocks for massage by the bedside.  When working with color try not to overpower your environment, instead try using very bright furniture and a light floral picture, or by using a combination of saturated colors, known as continuation of design. For example use grey, beige and violet as the main colors. Now, pick a violet bed sheet matching with the frame of the glass art. Then, see how perfectly the beige bed color suits the beige flowers of glass art. If you use repetition of color, lines and forms your interior will look unified and well balanced.

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