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Five Types of: Calendars that you can use for 2018

19. 10. 2017

We all want to be a little more creative from time to time, and sometimes we have that cringe feeling when we see a white section that’s not being used on our wall. Maybe because it’s too simple for our creative minds. We always have to find ways to boost our creativity and a good and retro way to do it would be by placing a poster, or better yet, a calendar. You might think that calendars are outdated, but these can be a good and low cost way to decorate your room. We want you to think about something that fits with the things that you enjoy in life. Here we’re going to show you as an example, five types of calendars that could suit your needs.

TV series geeks

There’s nothing better than a good TV series that gets us hooked on its episodes. Sometimes we think at night what would happen next to our favorite characters and what new adventures will be coming. It could be nice for you to share your passions with yourself, by placing something symbolic on your wall. Luckily we have calendars with popular shows such as: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Supernatural and Sherlock.

Game Junkies

Whether it’s one of the rather new games like Overwatch or if you prefer the nostalgia given to you by classics such as Five nights at Freddy’s or Minecraft you should commemorate them somehow. Nothing beats the satisfaction given to you at the moment of completing a hard level.

Music fans

We can’t think of a world without music. Even from human kinds beginnings we had music as a comrade and it helped us build societies, culture and tradition around it. Now we have so many types of music, that it is impossible for us not to choose a favorite one. Some of our favorites include ACDC, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson. It’s time to pick you own favorites.

Movie goers

Going to the movies can be a special moment in your life, a moment when you get to dedicate some time for your passions. For us it’s a period when we get the chance to meet up with our friends. We can help you pick some movies if you want. Star Wars is a good source for theories, Pirates of the Caribbean just got a new fresh start and Lord of the Rings is a delight for fantasy seekers.


We would be empty inside, if it were not for our hobbies that help us keep going forward. Some hobbies include animals, football, motorcycles and that’s just to name a few. So go and enjoy your hobbies.

We hope that we helped you to decide on the calendars that will fill your walls after new year, and if not you can always check all the other options on our calendar section and to decide for yourself. Just remember to keep decorating in order to keep things fresh in your home.

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