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Five Facts About: Wonder Woman

07. 06. 2017

The new Wonder Woman movie is finally out. And everyone is loving it! And of course, I and the Europosters team is no exception. How could you not love a good superhero movie, with really modern special effects, moreover with a good storyline? But what made us love this movie, even more, is, of course, the main character, Diana of Themyscira aka Wonder Woman. It’s about time we got a badass superhero, who can easily deal with men and put them back into their place. But until we put our movie review online (and we can tell you one thing, it’s going to be a lot of Girl Power in it), we decided to present you five little-known facts about our new favorite superhero, Wonder Woman.

  1. Wonder Woman is the daughter of the Supreme Greek God, Zeus. The remains of Zeus’ broken shield were used to make her arm bracelets, that are indestructible. Badass!
  2. Gal Gadot, the actress playing Wonder Woman in the movie, went through two years of military service in the Israeli Army. She also has a diploma in law and ran for Miss Universe. That’s a real life Wonder Woman.
  3.  Wonder Woman was created to represent an emancipated woman. She was and is still used as an icon by feminists all around the world. Girl Power!

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  1. Asa War princess, Diana can control and communicate telepathically with every soldier around the globe. This, among some other crazy powers, makes her one of the most powerful heroes of the DC universe.
  2. In the comics, Diana is actually dating…. Superman! She even had an adventure with Batman, but that didn’t work out. Yes, dating her work colleagues is not scaring her at all.




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