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Five Facts about: Thor, the god of thunder

18. 10. 2017

As you all know… the movie Thor: Ragnarok is coming closer and closer. We here at Europosters always have that feeling before Christmas whenever a new Marvel movie is coming up so of course that we are going to write a little about it. This time we will try to get to know the god of thunder a little better with a quick Top Five Facts about Thor. We’re going to follow some stories from the comic books also so feel free to catch up with your reading if you want to avoid some spoilers.

  1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

According to the Norse mythology, the “source material” for the creation of this character, Thor and all the other gods up there in Asgard are granted immortality by eating magical apples. In the comic books, the god of thunder had to make several trips back home in order to maintain his long lifespan. I guess that somebody forgot to mention about the power of immortality when we were kids and we had to eat our fruits and vegetables.

  1. Yeah! Science!

Thor’s memorable weapon, named Mjolnir, which is a magical hammer, is said to be forged in the heart of a dying star. The writers got their science pretty good since the matter within a dying star has an incredibly large density. It’s so dense in fact, that a single teaspoon of it would weight several billions of tons. And we thought that we weighted too much after Christmas dinner.

  1. DC and Marvel crossovers are a thing

Looks like one of the most memorable characters of DC, Superman got to play around with some Marvel toys. He actually wielded Thor’s hammer for a short period of time, after Odin lifted the enchantment in order to defeat the near-omnipotent Krona. After the enhancements were back up and running again though, he couldn’t lift it since he does not have a heart of a warrior. Ow and also he got to wield Captain America’s shield. Hopefully, he traded some of his superpower for them. I want to see Cap shoot lasers from his eyes.

  1. Talking about weapons

Thor’s hammer is not the first super – weapon for his godly persona. Thor actually wielded a battle ax named Jarnbjorn. And you thought the hammer had a though name. He used it for a period and it was able to cut through almost anything… including his arm. Maybe that’s why he changed with something safer.

  1. Hammer of levitation

Thor can’t actually fly… I know it’s hard to believe but he is actually throwing his hammer so hard that it lifts him into the air. The flying superpower is too mainstream anyway.

We hope that you enjoyed our top five facts about Thor and his hammer. We are really anxious for the new movie and we will be preparing the review for you also. Until then maybe you can try to convince Thor to be your Uber driver with his hammer. I think that it would be a blast.

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