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Five Facts About: Sherlock TV Show

09. 01. 2017

The Sherlock drama tv series recreates the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories and brings them to London in the 1890s. What are your thoughts on the fourth season? If you’re a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, just like us, you’re in luck! We gathered some five fun facts to get you excited over the new episodes!

Sherlock - London and The Abominable Bride Posters; 5,99 € each
Sherlock – London and The Abominable Bride Posters; 5,99 € each

1. The actor that plays Sherlock Holmes did some major preparations for his role! And hates his hair.

Benedict Cumberbatch got fit for his part by taking up some Bikram yoga, swimming. And he told The Times that he hates growing out his hair to the longer length of his character! But boy do we love it!


2. He’s not a sociopath…

“Do your research, Anderson,” said Holmes, “I’m a high-functioning sociopath.” According to psychologist Maria Konnikova, he’s way too loving and empathetic to be considered a sociopath by the books!


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3. Speedy’s Cafe is REAL.

The sandwich cafe is often visited by Holmes and Watson, and it exists on Gower Street in London! Visiting fans can try their Sherlock inspired snacks. Yummy.


4. Why are there only three episodes per season?:

Things are done differently in British television compared to American shows. Usually, there are at least 10 episodes in US series. The co-creator Steven Moffat stated that each episode is treated like a 90-minute movie. Quality over quantity!


5. The series’ villain Charles Augustus Magnussen’s has a lavish home, but no one actually live there in real-life.

In the series, the villain’s house is named Appledore. In real-life, the house is owned by the engineer Sir David McMurtry and his wife. They don’t live there because his wife thinks “it’s too flashy.” What a shame.. we wouldn’t mind living there!


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