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DIY: Creative Christmas Decorating on a Budget

14. 11. 2016

The Christmas atmosphere (and weather) can be seen on just about every corner. Would you love to create your own Christmas story at home? We have some perfect Christmas decorating DIY tricks that are easy and affordable! We’ll create an advent wreath and frost your Christmas tree or dinner table with plenty of additional tips! And the best part: You won’t have to look at an empty wallet after the holiday season.

Decorations: Silver candle holder; set of three priced 5,59 €

Snow Kissed Christmas Tree

Most of us can’t imagine Christmas without snow, but in some cases, there might not be any snow outside. That’s when you have to take it into your hands to cover your Christmas tree with icy decorations and snowflakes.

What you’ll need: Silver and white ball ornaments, white tinsel, white christmas lights and:

Decoration: Christmas Snowflake; set of four priced 11,86 €

Snow Covered Christmas Table

Christmas, holiday comfort and cheerfulness… And of course plenty of treats and sweets. We’re waiting all year for the delicious Christmas Dinner with plenty of cookies on the side. Your festive table should reflect the winter atmosphere!

How to decorate your Christmas table: use a silver or white tablecloth and top it off with:

To keep a harmonious decorative effect, always use the same styled candles on your counter tops, or coffee table. A large vanilla scented candle with a glass holder can be added to the dinner table, while a smaller one in the same design can be put on a coffee table. And let’s not forget the main centerpiece: the dish filled with sweets and treats. Serve it on an icy platter that can be reused for other occasions.

Bonus tip: Add a few fresh pine branches from your Christmas tree for a quick and easy decoration!

Decoration: Angel with Hands on Hips; set of two priced 5,19 €

Handmade Advent Wreath

Do you want to save some money on your Christmas wreaths? Maybe it’s not even about the money, but more so the pleasure of being creative. Creating your own advent wreath can be a fun activity for the whole family!

What you’ll need:


Bonus tip: If you consider silver colored decorations too flashy, then don’t hesitate to use the traditional Christmas color: red! You can use a red base like a berry wreath to start.

Charming Windows

Do you want to uniquely decorate your windows? Your neighbors will be green with envy with this decorating tip! Create fairytale snow-covered windows, and don’t worry, this snow won’t get your windows wet inside!

How to create these winter wonderland windows?

It just takes a few minutes! Hang a few sparkly snowflakes for the perfect fairytale effect!

If you have larger windows, decorate with larger snowflakes. You can use the smaller snowflakes for little windows.

Bonus tip: Mix and match different shapes and styles. Even in nature, no two snowflakes are the same.

Decoration: Christmas Snowflake Decoration; set of four priced 13,69 €

Let us know how your decorating turned out! Tag your decorations with #europosters and we’ll repost our favorite ones! Until then, stay warm! The next DIY is already on its way…


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