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Assassin’s Creed Top 5 Assassins

13. 06. 2017

We fight in the darkness to serve the light, we are assassins. Since the new Assassin’s Creed game is getting teased, and soon they will release a trailer for us fans. We thought about taking a look back at the games that are already out and that have been making us fans, to want to parkour on tall buildings and to build up fake assassin blades. It’s time to go back in time with the Animus and check out our top picks for the top assassins in this amazing series. So… take a leap of faith and dive into our top 5 Assassin’s Creed Characters.

Number 5

Well, this position is being held by the dynamic duo, made of Evie and Jacob. Their story took us to the industrial London and we faced different street gangs and the elusive Jack the Ripper. They were the assassins that revitalized the series after a number of failed attempts (ahem Unity…). They were funny, hard headed and filled with life and the whole brother-sister team up was a good approach.

Number 4

Yarrrrg ye mateys it’s time to go full pirate with our assassin friend, Edward who enabled us to play as a bad guy at first and actually make us feel good about it. The thing that I enjoyed about him was that he was full of flaws and still he was a relatable character. Plus, who doesn’t love to be a pirate?

Number 3

The person who was with us from the beginning was Altair. Our first leap into a bunch of hay was with him and it will always have a special place in our heart. His adventure was the one that sparked the popular assassin-templar war and his legacy lives until this day.

Number 2

Many will argue over this pick, but I will stand beside my decision. Number 2 is Desmond Milles. You know… the guy that have been in the Animus for about five games. I just want to point out that without his role as a support character, we couldn’t have enjoyed all the time periods and the adventures. Besides, Desmond is a depiction of us, the players. Like us, he is playing the role of a different character in each game, and his story is interesting also. P.S. He is (was) an assassin, as specified in the first game.

Number 1

Well… there is no surprise here, of course, that it’s Ezio Auditore da Firenze. This Character’s story was placed in three main games and in a mini cinematic. The reason being his quest for knowledge. His evolution from the hard-headed teen that sought revenge, into the wise leader of the assassins had a lot of public appeals. His desire to uncover the truth behind the relics turned into our desire to do so. We laughed at his witty jokes, we quoted “requiescat in pace” so many times, we lived his adventures and we cried when he ceased to live. His legacy will live through all future assassins.

We hoped you liked our top five choices and who knows, maybe with the next game, we will have to change it. Until then…

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