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Always with the map…

10. 07. 2019

Have you ever wondered why traveling is so popular? No? It is not just about the rest that everyone enjoys on holiday, but it is also about a new adventure. Indeed, we humans are not created for stereotype, stress, or work pressure. We’re here to enjoy it! You will surely give us the truth that you rarely meet people on the vacation who are not looking forward to new experiences and are not happy. It is great to discover new places, people and cultures. Therefore, we have prepared a map collection for you to always find the way home 🙂


Are you passionate travelers and would like to have an interesting picture or map on your wall at home? If you have a white interior, you can make it even better with colorful accessories. Try our multicolored design maps that look like they were painted by professional painters.


If you prefer a modern map concept, there is a solution for you. At our website you can find simple silver and golden maps. Plus, there is also prepared a little gadget! We have included another maps that can be scratched. What do we mean? You take a coin and scratch the state you visited. It will appear with a different color. Great idea for a gift, what do you think?


For those who are passionate of “The Game of Thrones series“, we have several pieces of maps and posters to make you happy at your home.


Sometimes we think it would be great to travel in time. What was life like in the 16th, 17th or 18th century? Did people feel better? Did they were closer to each other? Too bad there is no time machine here, as from the movie “Back to the Future”, we could check it out. Well, we can still have a look on a vintage, historical map that will at least outline the geographical distribution of the world.



Design, traveling and animals lover who will try to inspire you with samples of simple and clean design for your home.

Decorate your life!

Since 1999, Europosters has become one of the top sellers of posters, wall murals and wall art. Currently, we cooperate with artists, photographers, and graphic designers from all Europe. In our offer, you can find the most beautiful well-known paintings as well as brand new artwork of contemporary artists. We are happy to print even your own photos, and, on your demand, we will put your prints in frames of high quality. We really love interior design however, we do not forget about geeks and music fans for whom we are constantly expanding our offer of posters, mugs, t-shirts, collectible figurines and other licensed merchandise products and gifts.



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