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5 facts about Stranger Things, thanks to which you will look forward to the 4th series even more

15. 12. 2020

There are a million reasons why we love Stranger Things as much as we do: in the first place will be an amazing acting performance, a fascinating plot and an authentic depiction of America in the 80’s, then a memorable Never Ending Story, sung by Dusty Bun and Suzie Poo. Most of all, however, we love the atmosphere of secrets that will not let the spectator go. Of course, we are thrilled for the fourth season and so far we want to provide you with facts that even the most devoted fans of “Stranger Things” may not know:


1. Gaten Matarazzo was the first approved actor among other children. The creators of the series, Matt and Ross Duffer, liked the actor so much that they were willing to modify the description of the role to be able to place him in it: Dustin was originally supposed to wear glasses, but in the end his character ended up having a genetic disease called cleidocranial dysplasia that the actual actor suffers from. It is a genetic bone disease that affects almost all the bones in the body, especially the skull, jaws and collarbones. Dustin was also originally to be a supporting character; the Duffer brothers, however, liked Gaten’s take on the role and in the end they added to his importance.


2. Actress Millie Bobby Brown, known as El (an abbreviation of the tattooed number 11 (eleven) on her right hand), enchanted the brothers already during the casting. However, it was Stephen King who helped the directors to make the final decision as he wrote that he was already impressed by the performance of this young actress in the series “Intruders”, and also noted that today’s children are a lot more talented. Millie Bobbie Brown wasn’t ready to shave her head for the sake of the role but the directors convinced her by showing her pictures of the charming Charlize Theron in “Mad Max.” Paradoxically, in the end, Millie had no problem with her new hairstyle and it was her surroundings that actually reacted to it in the worst way: it is said that when her father saw her bald, he started to cry.


3. Ross Duffer is a big fan of “Ghostbusters”, which almost everyone recognises from the theme song. This is one of the reasons why he used so many Busters-themed “Easter eggs” in his series: in the 1st season, the boys dress up as “Busters” when they go a school party and Lucas mentions the so-called “doomsday”, which also refers to one of Ross’ own favourite moments when the evil spirit fighters Winston and Ray also talk about “doomsday” in “Ghostbusters”.



4. The Duffer brothers originally planned a remake of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” and even asked Warner Bros for it. However, the project was handed over to Cary Fukunagi, who later passed the direction of it on to Andres Muschietti. He finally filmed the now well-known blockbuster. The Duffers still believe that it is almost impossible to place the whole plot of the novel within 2 hours on the movie screen, and they still believe that one day there will be a remake of the cult series that they will be able to do some work on. In any case, we are really happy that in the end a completely new piece of work was created, in which the authors also refer to the finale of season 1 where Lucas shoots a demogorgon with a catapult. A similar moment can be found in Stephen King’s book “It”. It’s a girl named Beverly who shoots there.

5. In an interview, the Duffer brothers revealed that in addition to Stephen King and his horror adaptations, they were also inspired by other things, like the 2004 Japanese Anime series Erufen rîto (Elfen Lied).



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