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4 tips for Black&White elegance

19. 02. 2018

Black&White combination will most likely outlive all other existing trends! Even colours lovers go for this trend at least once in a while. We offer breath-taking  black&white wall murals that you will love from the first sight. Did you know, that using a geometrical pattern you can make the room look more spacious? Which one will fit your apartment? We can help you choose.

The white colour is connected to purity and the need for perfection. Do you have a pent room? Go for white colours! A black wall mural will help you bring style to your home.

We have chosen for you a few wall murals, which you could love!

1. Art Lovers

Are you having trouble with being surrounded by four walls and does it make you feel claustrophobic? Well, it is time to change that! Moving out to nature may not be a good idea, especially in winter… Use art wall murals for optical enlargement. The combination of strong and sharp elements is suitable for young and progressive people.

2. Fog over the lake

Lovers of mysticism will enjoy the wallpaper of mystical lake. Let drown yourself in the magical beauty of water surface, walk on the pier and feel the cold foggy weather. Create a mysterious impression of your room.


3. Bridges

Choose the one bridge that will fit your flat.

Are you a romantic and do you want to give your home a cosy atmosphere? Go for a variant with an ancient bridge! This wall mural will match perfectly light furniture and white floor!

On the contrary, the industrial bridge stands out in a modern interior and perfectly highlights your home design.

4. Lighthouse in the clouds

Lighthouses have been symbols of safety, hope for years. At the same time, they are often very scary and mysterious. Just remember the lighthouse from the horror movie Circle… Do you have a connection to lighthouses? Have one in your living room! Check out these beautiful wall murals.

As you can see, not always you need to repaint to have a whole new redesign of your home. Wall mural is an easy and effective way how to do it!

Still, haven’t found your match? Go browse our selection and choose from our new design.

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