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13. 12. 2019

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Outside smells of cinnamon and mulled wine, people are smiling more and meeting friends. If this atmosphere were not spoiled by the hustle and bustle of work and the fact, that you have to think up and get some presents for your loved ones, this time would be almost like a fairy tale. Thinking and buying gifts does not have to be stress at all! Just know where to inspire. You can find it quickly on our blog as if you wave a magic wand. And we actually have some!



If you give a house elf a sock, you give them freedom – if you give a sock with the motives of Dobby to your child, you give them the most charming Christmas!


Christmas chill

Do  you also always look forward to seeing Love, actually for Christmas for the fifth time or watching all the Star Wars and Harry Potter movies? There is nothing nicer than sitting together with the family on the couch, brewing a cup of tea or pouring a glass of wine and enjoying the first tones of the beginning film. If you are a fan of the above two movies , enhance your movie experience with your favorite drinks  in movie theme dishes! Mugs and glasses are very stylish and practical gifts! You can place freshly popped popcorn in one of our super bowls. And the best thing  – when lounging on TV, it’s often cold. Unless you have a fireplace like the Wesley family. On cold evenings, a cuddly blanket or a soft bathrobe and slippers are just delightful. Don´t expect ordinary hotel white bathrobes on our e-shop , we have bathrobes for real movie fans! Why not watch Harry in your favorite college bathrobe? You can also be a student of one of the four Hogwarts colleges outside the home. All you need is a scarf or hat in the right colors!


In our offer you will find  bathrobes from our brands Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel.


In Harry Potter style

If you are a really big fan of the young wizard, this year decorate your home with original decorations and give the children small gifts in hanging socks on the fireplace. Never mind that you don’t own one! Dream by looking at the snowy Hogwarts, which are placed in a beautiful paperweight. You can also wrap it as a gift, believe us,  looking at tiny snowflakes falling on the magic school roof will never get boring!


Create a protective spell to not get the cold with a stylish scarf from Slytherin!


Gift ideas for Harry Potter fans

If you are looking for gifts to please Harry’s true fans, you can buy them all in our e-shop. If you don’t know what to get them, here are our tips:

Small gifts:

1.Chibi keychain

2. Movie poster

3. Coaster

4. Sticker

5. Magnet

6. Stationery 

Something to wear:

  1. Hat
  2. Gryffindor set
  3. Slippers



Gifts to make them smile:


2. Pillow and toy set

3. Mug

Gifts for collectors:

  1. Wand 
  2. Statuette
  3. Puzzle



We are sure that whatever you choose will make your friends and family happy. The gifts from the world of Harry Potter are magical!




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